Shameless Promotion

Friday, February 24, the Big Bend Ranch State Park begins the first in a series of camping/photography tours that take you to some of the most rugged, remote, and scenic locations in the park. These locations are only accessible via primitive roads that are impassible to all but 4-wheel drive, high-clearance vehicles.

View from Guale Mesa Campsite

View from Guale Mesa Campsite

The tours are intended for photographers who would like to work in the park but who lack the proper vehicles for reaching the best sites. I will be available to answer technical questions and provide help where needed, but there are no classroom activities – just two days of uninterrupted photography.

This month’s tour is to Guale Mesa. You’ll camp atop a high bluff that overlooks Rancherias canyon on the east, La Guitarra Mountain to the south, and the Lower Guale Mesa to the southwest. A short side trip on Sunday morning will give you an opportunity to photograph scenic Tapado Canyon at sunrise. The view southwest from the canyon rim stretches all the way to the Sierra Ricca mountains in Mexico. Blue-green walls line the canyon walls to the northwest, and the rim itself is quintessential Chihuahuan Desert. Few people have even seen this magnificent sight, much less photographed it!

View of Tapado Canyon

View of Tapado Canyon

Price for the tour is $350; it includes one night’s lodging at the Bunkhouse, one night’s camping “on location,” all meals and transportation. The tour is limited to 6 photographers – the perfect size for a campfire supper and friendly conversation. You can make reservations by calling 432-358-4444. This price will have to be pre-paid.

Note: you must bring your own camping supplies, i.e. tent, cot, sleeping bag, pillow. We are only providing the ride to the location, food, and the atmosphere.

Another Note: I’m not being paid for this; it’s all voluntary. I’m just trying to help the park. If you know anybody who might be interested, please let them know. Thank you!


About aneyefortexas

Retired writer/teacher/photographer, now photographing the Chihuahuan Desert at the Big Bend Ranch State Park, Texas.
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10 Responses to Shameless Promotion

  1. Paula Loftin says:

    Are you still doing these tour trips? thanks

    • We will resume these trips in September. It’s just too hot right now.


      • I’m sorry I haven’t gotten back to you earlier. I must have become disconnected …

        I have to say that I largely agree with you. In the case of Creosote, one person … one … tried to treat her cancer with it and ended up destroying her liver. Sadly, she did not know that Creosote’s anti-cancer properties extend only to one or two types of cancer (not hers) and she took mega doses. FDA’s response — take it all off the market.

        Our government’s corporate favoritism extends beyond government agencies. Thanks to new laws, publishers can write laws, serve as judge and jury in enforcing them and rely on the government for the punishment phase. I’m glad I’m getting old. Wouldn’t want to be around much longer in the world the Konservatistas have created 😦

      • Paula Loftin says:

        do you have any photo trips plan in the next couple of months?

      • We will probably start having them this October. Email me at gvnored at yahoo dot com and I’ll put you
        on the mailing list for upcoming photo events.

  2. Brandi says:

    We’ve been wanting to visit Big Bend for the past couple of years but haven’t been able to get out there. This sounds amazing! It’s doubtful we could afford it, but MAN, maybe we can make another one some time. It’s great of you to offer to lead the trip!

  3. Wish I could go, sounds like a lot of fun! Sill going thru all the images I took at the ranch in December, I love that place!

  4. surfponto says:

    Your pictures are amazing!!
    We spend a lot of time in the Anza Borrego Desert here in California
    You can see some of our pictures on our BLOG


  5. Cindy says:

    A superb idea and NO ONE better to lead and coach photographers!! I hope you have someone to help you with the rest of the work though, ha ha!
    The photos on this page are so amazingly lovely! Hope the trip makes!

  6. This would be one cool trip…hmmm!

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