New Version of an Old Book

I recently came across a copy of this book, Food Plants of the North American Indians by Elias Yanovsky. It was all but unreadable, so I took the .pdf apart, cleaned up all the scans, and ran it through an OCR program to get a more usable copy. It contains references to thousands of plants used by Native Americans in the past. I hope you find it interesting.

Here is the link.


About aneyefortexas

Retired writer/teacher/photographer, now photographing the Chihuahuan Desert at the Big Bend Ranch State Park, Texas.
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3 Responses to New Version of an Old Book

  1. Margarethe says:

    A treasure, and quite readable now, thank you!

  2. barebear says:

    Can’t be sure; published 1936?

  3. Thanks for posting this one…we should all post links to out-of-print resources like this.

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