New Book Available


There are more than 50 campsites in the Big Bend Ranch State Park that you can reach by vehicle. I’ve just finished a book on these campsites, and you can download a copy here:


About aneyefortexas

Retired writer/teacher/photographer, now photographing the Chihuahuan Desert at the Big Bend Ranch State Park, Texas.
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9 Responses to New Book Available

  1. I’ve tried to use the drop box link for your book, but I get an ERROR (500) message. Is there any other way to access the book?

  2. RichardM says:

    Awesome job on the campsite book. It’s been quite popular over on

  3. Christine says:

    Thanks for taking the time to put together this guide to the camp sites! It’s excellent and incredibly useful. I’m planning a trip from Austin (in a Corolla), and it’s nice to be able to get extra information on the campsite which I can access!

  4. Mary S. Black says:


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