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Retired writer/teacher/photographer, now photographing the Chihuahuan Desert at the Big Bend Ranch State Park, Texas.

Bluebonnets in the Chihuahuan Desert

Brief collection of pictures showing the many different flowers of the Chisos Bluebonnet. Continue reading

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Winter Photography in the Chihuahuan Desert

Winter is Big Bend’s most popular season – our cool, sunny winter days draw visitors from all walks of life – tourists, hikers, campers, naturalists, and sports lovers. Photographers love it too – though there are few blossoms and the … Continue reading

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Three Rarities

I don’t consciously pursue rare or endangered plants, but I live in an area where many of them reside, and are not only rare, but endemic. Here are three I’ve found simply because I like to hike out here. Cryptantha … Continue reading

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Osage Orange Trees in the Desert

Osage Orange trees are unexpected in the desert, but they are here. Continue reading

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Gypsum, and the Plants that Live On It

The mineral gypsum appears all over the world, but is rarely seen on the surface anywhere except in deserts. Gypsum, is a form of Calcium Sulphate in which each CaSO4 molecule is chemically combined with two water molecules in a … Continue reading

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Lichen Revolution

Back in 2009 I wrote a little article about lichen, those symbiotic organisms that have intrigued biologists for so long. At the time I wrote the piece, it was generally believed that lichen were usually a partnership of two species, … Continue reading

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The Amazing Kangaroo Rat

The Kangaroo Rat is one of the most remarkable animals in the desert. Neither a rat, nor a kangaroo, the Kangaroo Rat is in the genus Dipodomys and is closely related to mice and gophers, with whom they share the … Continue reading

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