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Several years ago in an article on prickly pears I mentioned the most famous of prickly pear parasites, the Cochineal bug. A specially-bred strain of this tiny insect produced the brightest, most permanent red dye in the world. In time, … Continue reading

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Greybeard Cactus

Echinocereus viridiflorus var canus. The very rare cactus lives only in the Big Bend Ranch State Park and only on a few hills inside the Solitario, a circular geological formation famous among geologist around the world. Its white spines and … Continue reading

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Cacti of the Big Bend Ranch State Park

Seeing a particular cactus in bloom can be difficult. Some cacti have very short blooming periods. Others are endemic to restricted areas. Some may bloom sporadically, for only a few days, or only at night. Knowing roughly when they bloom … Continue reading

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