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Several years ago in an article on prickly pears I mentioned the most famous of prickly pear parasites, the Cochineal bug. A specially-bred strain of this tiny insect produced the brightest, most permanent red dye in the world. In time, … Continue reading

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Shameless Promotion

Friday, February 24, the Big Bend Ranch State Park begins the first in a series of camping/photography tours that take you to some of the most rugged, remote, and scenic locations in the park. These locations are only accessible via … Continue reading

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Plant Adaptations to Desert Conditions

The Chihuahuan Desert is the most thickly vegetated desert in North America. Indeed, if you visit in during the rainy season you might wonder why it is called a desert at all. Though for the most of the year the … Continue reading

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Photography in the Chihuahuan Desert

Every ecosystem presents nature photographers with unique challenges. If the number of photographers who focus exclusively on West Texas is any indication, the Chihuahuan Desert may fairly be said to present more than its share. Though the largest desert in … Continue reading

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Introduction to the Chihuahuan Desert

The Chihuahuan Desert is the largest desert in North America, enclosing over 200,000 square miles in the US. It is a “high desert” with altitudes mostly ranging from 2,000 to 5,500 feet. The terrain consists mostly of expansive basins broken … Continue reading

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