I’m just trying to get the word out … the Big Bend Ranch State Park closed today. All campsites are closing (even back-country permits), no permits of any kind issued. Day use is still permitted.

Coming up — all hotels, motels, Air B&B’s are being closed. All visitors are being asked to leave.

stupid virus …

Sorry 😦


About aneyefortexas

Retired writer/teacher/photographer, now photographing the Chihuahuan Desert at the Big Bend Ranch State Park, Texas.
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2 Responses to CLOSED

  1. Sea Biscuit says:

    Thanks much.

    Assuming you’re staying down there, hope you fare well.

    We were okay here in Fredericksburg, and still are from a viral infection standpoint, but we’ve got a lot of nervous people. Some restaurants are trying to make it with takeout, some are no longer trying. I gave up on trying to get into our HEB today. Waiting in a line outside, in the rain, didn’t balance out.

    Anyway, hope you’ll be okay food wise down there. Maybe if enough tourists and snowbirds move on food supply will ease up a bit. Hoping that will happen here at some point.

  2. deborah douglas says:

    On one level, we’re glad it’s closed, Gary. We don’t want you to be exposed to some dumb millennial who doesn’t have the sense God gave a turnip and is traveling around, bragging about not being sick—and not being afraid of getting sick. Please, dear friend, stay healthy. You are the only Gary that we have. Love, Deb and Tom

    Deborah Douglas, M.D. (210) 845-3077


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